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Puppies available in May 2017!

UPDATE: March 18, 11 puppies were born, 8 females and 3 males.                                   If you are interested, please contact us for reservation!                                                    For mor information about the Sire, dam or to watch puppy pictures, follow the link!

Welcome at the English webpage of Sly Dog American Bulldogs!

We are a young kennel located in Germany, Saxony and our interest is to breed American Bulldogs, accurately the Standard (Scott) type. They are more sportive in their appearance and mostly in a better healthy condition than some of the other types.

In 2011 we decided to purchase an American Bulldog puppy with the background to open a kennel if the dog would meet the necessary general criteria like body structure, social behavior and of course for the breeding necessary state of health. We found our „Angel“ and it was not just a decision to make money, we love dogs especially Molossers and live with dogs already more than 20 years.

We were aware of, that we needed to wait for her evolution when she comes in age. But very fast we have seen her positive appearance on shows to the judges and the reaction of other breeders. In mid of 2013 she became her NKC Champion. The results of her general veterinarian research were positive, no allergies or other common medical problems which appear so often today. She became also tested of required researches, to breed with, like hip dysplasia (HD-A), elbow dysplasia (ED-0) and free results of OCD, Spondylosis, NCL and Ichthyosis and received optimum values. The heart was free of a negative result too.

Finally we were quite happy that we have got what we were looking for and started to look around for the right stud. In our opinion it was the more difficult part. For the first points we just could wait for the development of Angel, but now we had to make researches to find the right male with structure, pigmentation and good health results. After a extensive research, we decided that we need “fresh blood” from outside of Germany. We had our candidates and were planning to go to America for the right stud, even if they are not medically checked as accurate as in Germany. In 2013, on the “Pfingstshow”, we met Brian of the Kinghaven kennel from Newton Illinois for the first time.. He just arrived in Germany for a couple months as a visitor in the Proud heroes kennel with the same objective we were looking for, bringing new gene into the pool. He was so impressive that he reached, as quick as possible, the status of a NKC Champion too.

We fell directly in love for this guy. His pedigree in general, his structure, personality and later on his veterinarian researches showed us that we found the right stud to start our breeding program.

Our second dog at home, „Sly Dog American Bulldogs Angel’s Number One“, is the firstborn of this offspring. In general she was sold already but she came back to us and after a while we decided to keep her with us. Her health status, her mentality and the general appearance in this early stage, gives us hope (her call name is Hope as well) that we might have found a new member of our kennel with a great pedigree background. Anyway, she captured our hearts and will stay with us her whole life, so or so. Now with 2.5 years the decision was made. She passed all required researches, to breed with her and she received optimum values in all tests. The heart was free of a negative result too.

Her first mating is scheduled for late summer/autumn 2016. We are delighted that we have been able to win the right and well known stud, Chestnut’s Little Lakota aka Baxter.

Breeding announcement 2016

For further information about us, our dogs and in general, feel free to contact us.

With best regards,

Michael & Solveig

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